Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Latest Treasure

This is my latest yard sale find. It's an old lamp, gray base with little black specks, cream shade with little brown specks. It's quite lovely and I was very happy to come across it. Paid $1.50

I'm thinking of transforming it into a more, oh how should I say it...shabby chic look. (wink wink). I think my approach is going to be to paint the base of the lamp antique white and give it a vintage feel, doing the best with the common painting skills I possess. The shade however I haven't reached a decision on yet. Should I paint it? It is a bit stained (there are a few brown rings around the other side). Should I replace it all together? And with what? I was thinking of possibly sewing some beads around the bottom of the shade, simply because I've always loved lamps that look like that. I'm not sure though. Seashells perhaps? Well, I'll be sure and post the finished product once it is complete, so that you may all see the outcome. If you have any suggestions as far as the re-creation of the lamp, feel free to comment!

Until we meet again,



  1. What a great find!! I wish I had more room in my home to pick up unique items!

  2. I have no suggestions, but I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it!

  3. I have this exact lamp only in wrought iron black.
    My suggestion on the shade would be to trim top and bottom with some interesting ribbon. Use smaller width at the top. You can also wrap grosgrain ribbon in a diagonal design all around the shade which would hide many stains and give it a face lift.
    The dangle trim is great but balance it with something on top--even just a new finial would be fun.

  4. What a great find! It certainly has a great deal of potential!

  5. I love your lamp!! I never go to yard sales, maybe if I found some great items once in a while it might be more tempting.

  6. Just read your comment on my blog. If you want to see wild life - I can send you pictures of my boys! LOL
    We have a creek that runs over the corner of our yard, so we have lots of wild life. Used to have deer but this dog chases them so they don't come here any more.

  7. I love yard sales I go out every weekend. Love the lamp it looks great!!!